Blood Bank Department

The Blood Bank at Saifee Hospital is a modern state of art NABH accrediated facility offering Blood Component Therapy. It is licensed by CDSCO for preparation and supply of blood components from whole human blood in addition to Single Donor Platelet and Leucocytes Collection by Apheresis Procedures. Our Blood Bank provides 24x7 services and 100% voluntary blood collection and testing facilities that follows proper system to ensure good quality of blood. We provide the following facilities:

  • 1. Whole Blood
  • 2. Packed Red Cells
  • 3. Saline washed Red Cells
  • 4. Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • 5. Random Platelet Concentrate
  • 6. Cryoprecipitate
  • 7. Leucodepleted Single Donor Platelet by Plateletpheresis
  • 8. Leucocytes by Leukopheresis

Blood Component Therapy is a replacement therapy wherein, blood is fractionanted into its various components and a deficient component is replaced, so that the damage due to lack of a particular component is prevented.

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Dr.Ainy Choonia

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