DOCTOR OF THE MONTH (Jan/March 2015): Dr. Ali Asgar Behranwala

Dr. Ali Asgar Behranwala MS (General Surgery), Mch (CVTS), FIACS and Diploma holder in Hospital Administration (DHA), FICS (USA) is the Head of Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Saifee Hospital.

He has extensive experience in performing adult and paediatric cardiac surgeries which include surgeries for coronary artery diseases, valvular diseases and congenital heart diseases.

With a strong interest in Minimal Invasive Cardio-Thoracic procedures, he holds specialisation in surgeries on major vascular structures. He has performed surgeries for the treatment of of chest cavity tumors and video assisted thoracoscopic procedures.

He is also an active participant in teaching post graduate surgical residents.

He may be contacted at 022-67570220 / 221.

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