Dr. A. R. UNDRE, a surgeon of exemplary caliber is the Head of Department and Emeritus Professor of General Surgery at Saifee Hospital.

A recipient of four gold medals and Prince of Wales fellowship of the Bombay university has many innovative surgical techniques to his credit.

He is the pioneer of CO2 Laser surgery in India and presented paper on use of CO2 Laser in the diabetic foot at Asia pacific conference held in October, 2006.

A founder member of World Association of Hepato Pancreaticobiliory Surgery, has passion for teaching and was given scroll of honor by the National Board of Examinations (Ministry of Health & Research) for excellence in teaching.

He has received several awards notable being Pride of Maharashtra, Nishan-e. Hindustan & Maha Ratan Award by National Human Rights Association. He was given Best Surgeon Award by Indian Educational Conclave in Hyderabad. Global Achievers Foundation gave Bharat Shiksha Ratan Award & Certificate of excellence to Dr. A.R. Undre.

Dr. Undre may be contacted at 022-67570220 / 9820044495.

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