Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)

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About EECP
What is EECP?
EECP is a non-invasive therapy for the crippling chest pain of angina pectoris. It is a non-traumatic outpatient procedure, consisting of a base of 35 Treatment hours usuallly divided into one hour sessions, 5 days a week over 7 weeks. The term Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) describes what happens during treatment. "Enhanced" refers to the state-of-the-art technology that has developed today. The treatment is "external" because it happens outside the body and does not require surgery or other invasive procedures. Counterpulsation occurs between heart beats.

Patients with angina complain of chest discomfort provoked by physical, emotional or mental stress. Patients experience shortness of breath, fatigue, indigestion, faintness or pain in the chest, arm, neck or jaw. Angina indicates that a part of the heart muscles is not receiving adequate blood and oxygen. Narrowed or blocked coronary arteries restrict blood flow to the heart and are the commonest cause of angina. Angina can be disabling as it restricts ability to work and perform activity.

How EECP works?
It involves the use of EECP device to sequentially inflate and deflate a series of compressive cuffs timed to inflate during diastole and deflate during systole respectively, which are wrapped around the patients calves, lower thighs and upper thighs, inflation and deflation of the cuffs are triggered by events in the cardiac cycle via computer interpreted ECG signals.
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After EECP
  • A treatment, in harmony with patients heart, can improve circulation to the heart muscle. Clinical Benefits of EECP are :
  • Decreases anginal pain.
  • Patients can walk futher, can carry heavier weights and be more active without suffering anginal pain.
  • Reduction in use of nitrates and other medications.
  • Improved quality of life, patients can return to work, travel and exercise without fear of angina.
  • Lead a more active and confident life.
Who is a candidate for EECP treatment ?
Ask your physician to evaluate you. You may be a candidate for EECP if you:-
  • Do not qualify for invasive procedures.
  • Are not receiving adequate relief by taking medicines.
  • Have exhausted invasive treatment without lasting relief of symptoms.
  • Are not willing to undergo invasive procedures.

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