Oncology Department

Oncology is the branch of medicine that studies tumours (cancer) and seeks to understand their growth, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Oncologists are physicians who practice oncology. They coordinate multidisciplinary care for cancer patients, which may involve physiotherapy, counselling, and clinical genetics, etc. They also often coordinate with pathologists to understand the exact biological nature of the tumour under treatment.

Oncology deals with :
  • Diagnosis of cancer
  • Therapy (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, and other modalities)Urinary stone disorders
  • Follow-up of cancer patients after treatment
  • Palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies

At the Saifee Hospital Oncology Department, there are two primary disciplines:

• Medical oncology - Involves the treatment of cancer with medicine, including chemotherapy.
• Surgical oncology – Involves surgical procedures in dealing with cancer including biopsy, staging and surgical resection of tumours.

Saifee Hospital has dedicated internationally trained Medical & Surgical Oncologist who specialize in treatment of various types of cancers as mentioned below and also participate in International Research Protocols :
• Breast cancer
• Lung cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Leukaemia
• Lymphoma
• Brain and Spinal Cord cancer (Neuro-Oncology)
• Head and Neck Oncology
• Gynaeconcological Cytoreductive Therapy*

The Head & Neck Cancer Clinic offers comprehensive, specialized care for patients with benign and malignant tumours located between the skull base and the clavicle including tumours of :
• Mouth
• Face
• Jaw
• Tongue
• Pharynx(throat)
• Larynx(voice-box)
• Salivary & Thyroid glands
• Skull base