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Variety of bed types are made available to suit the requirements of patients keeping in mind their convenience and affordability. Bed Types range from Deluxe to Privilege class.

Refer to the Room Schedule given alongside for a list of Bed Categories and features available.
Maternity Packages are also given.

Royal Suite 52

The Royal Suite 52 is a combination of unmatched excellence of care and luxury in the healthcare sector. Patients of the exclusive Royal Suite 52 receive the highest order of medical care and attention, with ICU qualified nursing staff.

Maternity Ward & NICU

The Maternity Ward and Neonatal Intensive Care is ideally located in a separate Wing. It is our endeavour to provide utmost comfort and care to the infant, the birthing mother and her family.


The Admission, Helpdesk and Billing counters are ideally located near the entrance.

Waiting Area

The hospital has well placed waiting areas for the visitors and the patients on every floor. For outpatients, separate comfortable areas are provided on the ground floor that is the Main Lobby and on the second floor. There are a total of 6 Elevators plus 1 Service Lift.

Operation Theatre

The hospital has eight operation theatres which are well-equipped with the most modern and specialised equipments relevant for the types of surgeries performed. A couple of theatres are also equipped with the facility for capturing videos of operations. Maternity OT, Bariatric OT and Cath Lab are also available.
Video conferencing facility is also available.

Consultants Rooms

The hospital has 20 consulting rooms. Each of these are suitably equipped for doctors to interview and examine his patient in a comfortable environment. Each room is equipped with a computer which enables the doctor to give prescriptions / diagnostic tests for the patient to collect the medicines and undergo the prescribed tests in the diagnostic departments.

24hr Pharmacy

The hospital has a Pharmacy on premises which operates on a round-the-clock-basis. It allows the patients to procure their medicines on the hospital premise itself thus avoiding the need to hunt for these in the city at odd hours.

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank at Saifee Hospital is a modern up-to-date facility offering advanced Blood Component Therapy. It is licensed by FDA for preparation and supply of blood component in addition to whole blood. Being the one The member of Federation of Bombay Blood Banks, Blood bank provides 24x7 services and 100% voluntary Blood collection with state-of the art testing facilities that follows proper systems, to ensure good quality of blood. The Blood Bank is open round the clock and throughout the year. Voluntary donors are welcome between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Medical Library

The Library is equipped with the latest books and journals in medicines. It also has internet facility to enable a doctor an access to international publications in the field of medicine.


The Seminar hall in the hospital is well-equipped with the modern audio-visual facilities including the live video presentations. It is frequently used for Medical seminars and presentations.


The hospital has a professionally managed cafeteria for the convenience of the patient's relatives and other visitors to the hospital for meeting their requirements of snacks/ drinks and meals.
Special Jain Food Facility is also available.


The hospital has two ambulances one for not-so-critical patients and other for the patients requiring immediate cardiac care. The ambulance for Cardiac Patients also has an accompanying doctor, a nurse and various cardiac equipments to provide urgent medical attention while the patient is being ferried to the hospital.

Communication Facities

The hospital maintains up-to-date communication facilities having access to internet, intranet and video conferencing. Facility also exists to send SMS through use of computers to keep the consultants posted on the developments regarding their patients, as also to contact them in the event of an emergency.

CSSD & Laundry


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Bed Category Features
  • Ear marked beds for ladies and gents
  • Attendant chair
  • Complimentary snacks for one attendant.
  • 3 patient beds per room
  • Attendant Chair 
  • Complimentary snacks for one attendant.
  • 2 patient beds per room
  • Sofa cum Bed for attendant
  • TV and Wardrobe
  • Complimentary snacks for one attendant.
Paediatric Privilege
  • Children friendly interiors
  • Play Area
  • Complimentary snacks for one attendant.
Pediatric Premium
  • 2 patient beds per room
  • Sofa cum Bed for attendant
  • TV and Wardrobe
  • Complimentary snacks for one attendant.
First Class
  • Single Room Unit
  • Sofa cum Bed for attendant
  • TV and Wardrobe
  • Telephone
  • Refridgerator
  • Complimentary meals for one attendant.
  • Single Room Unit
  • Sofa cum Bed for attendant
  • TV and Wardrobe
  • Telephone
  • Pantry with Microwave & Refridgerator
  • Complimentary meals for one attendant.
  • 2 Rooms with 2 TV's
  • Living cum Bedroom
  • Wardrobe
  • Telephone
  • Pantry with Microwave & Refridgerator
  • Complimentary meals for one attendant.
  • Patient admitted and discharged the same day


Bed Category Features

The 3 packages given here apply only to normal deliveries for a period of stay not exceeding 3 days. Packages do not include Doctor's charges which are negotiable between the patient and the Doctor. If stay exceeds 3 days due to any complications or otherwise, then the prevaling charges for Bed, Doctors fees, diagnostics and other service, would apply as per the class of admission. Caesarean Section is considered as Major category surgery and will be billed accordingly. Affiliation charges will be charged extra in addition to package.
Premium (Window facing)
Premuim (Non Window Facing)