Department of Onco Surgery

  • Our departments aim is to provide the best cancer service in the world. Cancer incidence is on rise. Every year India is going to see 10 lakh new cancer cases.

  • We wish to deliver cancer services in the most appropriate settings.

  • We would also ensure patients can access effective new treatments quickly.

  • Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology are the two services provided by our Department in Saifee Hospital.

  • We have highly trained professional doctors of International repute on board.

  • Notable features of our services: Patients are seen quickly and treated at the earliest.

  • We provide world class services at affordable cost to all social strata.

  • Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted biologic therapy are few of services available in our hospital.

  • Dedicated nursing staff to manage chemotherapy deliveries, management of long term venous access devices are also available round the clock in hospital.

  • We treat a lot of patients with cancers of breast, ovaries, colon, stomach, head and neck cancers, lymphomas, leukemias to name a few.

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Timings :

8.30 am to 8 pm