Uroflowmetry & Urodynamic Studies

  • This department is situated on the third floor of Saifee Hospital building where a full range of tests can be carried out to aid in the diagnosis and management of urological, urogynaecological, neurourological conditions and voiding dyfunctions like difficulty in passing urine due to enlarged prostate or any obstruction in urine passage or difficulty in holding urine leading to leakage of urine, with or withoutstress can be correctly assessed by these tests.
  • Uroflowmetry is a non-invasive test used to measure the flow of urine as it leaves the body. The speed of urine flow is measured electronically and the flow rate is calculated as milliliters of urine passed per second. Both average and maximum flow rates can be measured along with the time taken to pass urine.

Requirements for Uroflowmetry:-
  • Patient must have normal desire to pass urine.
  • Can have normal diet + 2 glasses of water.

Urodynamics is a study that assesses the bladder and bladder outlet function during storage phase and voiding phase of urination. Requirements for Urodynamic Studies:-
  • If patient is without catheter then patient has to come with full bladder i.e must have normal desire to pass urine.
  • If patient is on catheter then no preparation is required.
  • Patient can have normal regular diet.
  • Urinary tract infection should be controlled prior to the test.
  • The patient can resume their daily activities immediately following this test.

The Consultant Urologist at Saifee Hospital works with highly specialised equipment for correct diagnosis of voiding dysfunctions which can be then treated efficiently. Complete Urodynamic Tests includes:-
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Bladder filling and voiding cystometry
  • Valsalva leak point pressure measurement
  • Pressure flow studies with choice of pQ plot analyses
  • Urethral pressure management
  • Electromyography of the sphincter

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