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1. Saifee Hospital Trust (Hospital) welcomes you to use our Online Payment Facility for payments against Deposits for Inpatients and Outpatients at our Hospital at Charni Road, Mumbai.
2. This facility is available on the hospitals website, which is the official website of the hospital trust, and they are the owners of the same.
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3. The facility will be available for online payment through Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking only.
4. You represent and warrant that you are competent and eligible to enter into a legally binding Contract. You shall not use this section if you are not competent to contract under the applicable laws.
5. You shall take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorised and illegal use of this section and/or the Saifee Hospital's official website.
6. In order to use this section, online payment is required. You must have a SHS patient ID to do this transaction. The information you provide in the registration at the hospital counter must be complete and accurate. Saifee Hospital reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as Saifee Hospital deems necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or Governmental request.
7. The Hospital will accept Online Payments through Visa and Master Card for Credit Card and Debit Card payments and Net Banking for the approved banks as listed belowon our payments page..
8. This section is programmed to automatically void a session, if not used continuously for 10 (ten) minutes. The Hospital shall not be responsible or liable for any loss/damage caused by reason of such disconnection.
9. No International Credit Cards or Debit Cards will be accepted for Online Payment Facility. In case such cards are used by a remitter/patient the Hospital and its employees and agents shall not be liable in case such payment is not applied towards the deposit against the unique S/H number of the patient.
10. When making any online payment(s) through your credit card/ net banking account(s), You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway page. The Payment Gateway will redirect You to other website(s) maintained or controlled by third party(ies) (the “non- Saifee Hospital website(s)”). Saifee Hospital does not control the non-Saifee Hospital website(s) and is not responsible for any transactions on the non-Saifee Hospital website(s). Saifee Hospital is not responsible for, shall have no liability for and disclaims all warranties whatsoever expressed or implied related to the non-Saifee Hospital website, including without limitation any warranties related to performance, security, stability, or non-infringement of the title of the non-Saifee Hospital website(s) and website content or any controls downloaded from the non-Saifee Hospital website.
11. Online payments made shall be credited to the account bearing a unique SH No. For the patient with the Hospital.
12. Final Settlement of all bills whether Inpatient or Outpatient shall have to be made at the Hospital Billing Counter only and no such settlement shall be effected through the Online Payment Facility.
13. Only Initial Deposits or top up Deposit payments shall be accepted by way of Online Payment Facility.
14. If payment is made online through Credit Card or Net Banking/Debit Card and after settlement of the medical bill of the patient, any amount is due to be refunded, such refund shall be credited directly in the Credit Card account (in case of Credit Card Payments) or to the designated Bank account (in case of Net Banking/Debit Card payments). No refund shall be made by way of Cash or Cheques under any circumstances.
15. Refund will be initiated only after a due request is made by the patient in the refund counter at the billing counter, and the same is duly approved by the respective authority of the hospital to issue the refund.
16. In the event of a refund, the hospital will take seven (7) working days to initiate a refund transaction to the patients bank. Thereafter the hospital, does not take responsibility nor assurance of the time lag, wherein the refund would be moved the patients account or credit card as the case may be.
17. All bank processing charges of bank/ software vendor for processing an online payment will be borne by the hospital. In the event of a refund or cancellation, these charges will be deducted from the refund of the payee.
18. Once the online payment is successful ,a Provisional Receipt will be generated by the system and a printout of the same should be submitted at the Billing Counter A Final Deposit Receipt will be issued at the Billing Counter against such provisional Receipt after due verification.. Only the Final Deposit Receipt (issued by the Billing Counter) shall be considered as a documentary proof for payment made through Online Payment Facility. No refunds shall be made against Provisional Receipt.
19. You are requested to use the Saifee Hospital transaction ID only for all queries made to the Saifee Hospital helpline regarding online payment(s) made through your credit card/ net banking account(s).
20. Any Person availing of the Online Payment Facility shall be required to provide certain information in respect of a KYC (Know Your Customer) when the Online Payment Facility is availed of. This information inter-alia will comprise of name of remitter, Credit Card No., address proof, Permanent Account Number(PAN), and certain other particulars and is mandatory
21. The Hospital shall use all reasonable cyber-security measures to ensure the integrity of the Online Payment Facility’s Security. Despite this, if breaches of security and confidentiality occur, the remitter/patient having used such Online Payment Facility acknowledges that any loss/damages due to such breach shall be to the account of the Remitter/patient and the Hospital shall be indemnified against the same.
22. Saifee Hospital shall not be responsible for any issues pertaining to the online payment(s) made by You through Your credit card/ net banking account(s) including but not limited to, excess charges charged by the Bank/ credit card or net banking account supplier, double debit to the credit card card account, invalid card details, authentication of card details and ancillary/ incidental charges for the transaction. You are requested to communicate all grievances related to such issues to Your Bank/ credit card or net banking account supplier. The Saifee Hospital helpline will not entertain or address any such grievances or issues.
23. If the Bank/ credit card or net banking account supplier declines payment, Saifee Hospital shall be under no obligation to bring this fact to Your attention. Customers should check with their Bank/ credit card or net banking account supplier, that payment has been deducted from their account.
24. You agree, understand and confirm that the credit card/ net banking account details provided by you for availing of services will be correct and accurate and you shall not use the credit card/net banking account which is not lawfully owned by You.
25. The Remitter/Patient shall be solely responsible for keeping the remiting computer/mobile/any device from which such online payment is made free from viruses, worms, Trojans or any similar types of malware and malicious programs, . The Remitter/Patient acknowledges that any failure to do so may lead to, amongst other things, the interception of data by unauthorized parties. The Hospital shall have no liability whatsoever, for any loss/damage that is caused wholly or in part by such failure to keep such computer/mobile/device secure The Hospital shall not be liable and stands indemnified against any loss or damage that a patient/remitter may occur as a result of any phishing/dishing/identity theft or misrepresentation/fraud by any hacker using the name of the Hospital.
26. The Hospital shall not in any way be liable for any delay, disruption or defects in the Online Payment Facility.
27. The Patient/Remitter acknowledges that all the risks involved in using our Online Payment Facility shall be borne by them and the Hospital shall not be in any way liable for any damage, loss, expense or detriment caused (directly or indirectly) by a defect in our Online Payment Facility.
28. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this, these Terms and Conditions, all terms, conditions, warranties, undertakings, inducements or representations, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, relating in any way to the Online Payment Facility are excluded.
29. Without limiting the generality of the above, the Hospital shall be under no liability to the Patient/remitter in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential or economic loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of services supplied pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.
30. The Hospital may at any time modify the Terms and Conditions at its discretion without any prior notice to the remitter/patient. Such Modified Terms and Conditions shall be applicable with immediate effect.
31. Any dispute arising out of such use of the facility will be governed by the laws of India and subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai.
32. The commencement of use of the Online Payment Facility shall constitute an unqualified acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as well as any future changes made therein by the Hospital .
33. Payments made through the Online Payment Facility must be duly credited to the Hospital within a period of 24 hours (or by the subsequent credit card settlement cycle) If, for any reason such payment are not received by the Hospital from the Credit Card issuer or the Bank, the remitter/patient guarantees to pay all amounts due (including any interest as applicable) upon demand by the Hospital. The decision of the Hospital in this matter shall be final and binding on the remitter/patient and shall not be called into question under any circumstances whatsoever
34. The Remitter/Patient shall indemnify and hold harmless Hospital, its Trust, its Trustees, Employees and Agents from any claim or demand actions and costs (including lawyer’s fees and legal expenses) arising as a result of any claims made by any third party or any penalty imposed due to, or arising out of your breach of these Terms and Conditions, or violations of any laws, rules or regulations or the rights of the third party. The Remitter/patient also further indemnifies the Hospital, its Trust, Trustees, employees and Agents against any losses/damages resulting from any phishing/vishing attack or identity theft which may result due to use of such Online Payment Facility.
35. Saifee Hospital reserves the right at any time and/or from time to time, without giving or being required to give any reason or prior notice modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the access to this section and remove and discard the contents.
36. Saifee Hospital reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions without any prior notification to You; therefore You are advised to check these regularly. You can read the latest version of the Terms and conditions by clicking on “Terms & Conditions” provided on each page of this section.

Limitation of Liability
In no event shall Saifee Hospital be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages or for any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or monetary losses, arising out of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the Saifee Hospital websites/ this section/ services or for interrupted communications, delay, lost data or monetary losses arising out of or in connection with this agreement. This clause shall survive the termination or expiry of this Contract.
Liability of Saifee Hospital to you in all events under any applicable law whatsoever for all loss or damage arising out of your use of this section shall be limited to the value of any amount you have paid to Saifee Hospital for your use of this section.

This Agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of India. You hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this section.
1. Is my personal information safe and secure?
Yes. Your issuer bank transmits your information using a high level of encryption and it is stored on a secure server.
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2. What is - "Verified by Visa [VBV]/ MasterCard Secure Code [MSC]" ?
Verified by Visa [VBV] is a service from VISA that lets you do online transactions securely with your existing Visa Debit/Credit card. It confirms your identity through a simple additional authentication process when you transact online. It also reassures you of the authenticity of the message and the online store through a personal assurance message (PAM) stored at the Bank.

MasterCard SecureCode is a service from MasterCard that lets you do online transactions securely with your existing MasterCard Debit/Credit card. Your SecureCode enhances your existing MasterCard account by protecting you against unauthorized use of your card when transacting online at with the help of a personal message known only to you and your bank.

VBV / MSC services are free to cardholders and were developed to help prevent unauthorized use of cards online.
3. What are the benefits of VBV/MSC?
VBV / MSC provides added assurance by authenticating you while using your Bank Visa/MasterCard to make payments online. You can be comfortable that any online merchant giving VBV / MSC service is a legitimate commercial entity. A private code means added protection against unauthorized use of your credit or debit card when you make payments online.

VBV / MSC protects your existing Visa / Master card with a password you create, giving you assurance that you and only you can use your Visa / Master card for electronic payments. The added protection of Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode is available as soon as your Bank confirms that your registration is successful.

Simply activate your card and create your personal password. You’ll get the added confidence that your Visa / Master card is safe when you make electronic payments.
4. How does VBV/ MSC work?
Once your card is activated with the Verified by Visa / Master Secure service, your card number will be recognized whenever you make an electronic payment. After you provide your credit card details online, you will be redirected to your issuer website and then required to specify your Verified by Visa / Master Secure authentication details. Your identity will be verified, and the transaction will be completed. Based on the authentication provided by your issuer, the transaction will be processed & you will get a confirmation.

In the event your card is not activated for the service, during checkout at participating online payment facilities, you may encounter a message offering the opportunity to activate Verified by Visa / Master Secure Code on your card.
5. How do I register for VBV/ MSC? Can I register for VBV/ MSC online?
Registration for VBV /MSC is done online. On logging in to your issuer website, you will be required to provide your credit / debit card number and the card expiry date. You may also be required to provide some other personal details like Date of Birth or ATM Card Number depending upon the issuing bank.

You can then create your own unique password which will be used for authenticating you when you make payments online. You can contact your issuer to find out more on how to register your Visa / Master card for this service.

HDFC Bank Cardholder can log on to:

HSBC Card Holder can log on to:

ICICI Bank Customer can log on to:

SBI Card Holder can log on to:

It is also possible that:
Your Visa/ Master card issuer does not currently participate in the Verified by Visa / Master Secure program; or
Your Visa / Master card range is not associated with the Verified by Visa / Master Secure program [check with your Visa / Master card issuer];

Currently, VBV / MSC is only offered to protect Visa / Mastercard. You can contact your card issuer to see whether they offer something similar for other payment brands.
6. What is the Password or SecureCode?
When you register for either Verified by VISA or MasterCard® SecureCodeTM, you will be asked to create a password or SecureCode respectively. You are requested to enter your password / SecureCode each time when you make an online purchase. For security reason, please do not use your names, birthdays, ATM/Phonebanking/Personal Internet Banking PIN and/or User ID as your password/SecureCode. Memorise your password. Never write it down or reveal it to anyone.
7. Which cards can I register for VBV/ MSC?
You can register any existing or new Visa / Master card to be protected by Verified by Visa / Master Secure code as long as your card issuer offers this service. You can register all of your Visa / Master cards as long as your card issuer offers VBV /MSC service.
8. What is a Personal Assurance Message or Personal Message?
When you register for Verified by Visa/Master Secure code, your issuer may ask you to create a Personal Assurance Message or Personal Message. When you pay online, always look for this Personal Assurance Message or Personal Message – it is your assurance that it is your card issuer that is authenticating you. The Personal Assurance Message is created by you during the activation process, and will be displayed back to you when you are prompted for your password during VBV / MSC Service password verification at checkout. The Personal Assurance Message was designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent merchants presenting false credentials to unknowing Internet users in order to gain access to personal financial information. So when the VBV / MSC Service password window prompt includes your Personal Assurance Message, that gives you more assurance that it is actually your card issuing Bank VBV / MSC Service asking you for your password, and not someone else masquerading as your Bank VBV / MSC Service.
9. What if I forget my VBV/ MSC password? Can I change my VBV/ MSC password?
If you forget your password, you should contact your card issuer customer service to re-set your password. If you suspect someone has stolen your password or used it to make online payments, Contact your card issuer immediately. You can change your password at any time. You may reset your password (create a new password) after entering your credit card number, and card expiry and other personal details that may be requested. Generally, Passwords should contain eight alpha numeric letters and/or numbers (with no spaces or symbols in between), and must be different from your User ID and your old password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.
10. Can I use the service even if I have not registered my card for VBV/ MSC?
At online facilities that are not yet participating in Verified by Visa/ Master Secure code service, your Visa / Master card will continue to work as usual.
Saifee Hospital now participates in the VBV/ MSC program. This implies that credit card/ debit card transactions that you make through require an additional authentication through a password known only to the card holder. This broadly works as follows:

a. Issuing bank is registered for VBV/MSC and customer has not registered his/ her card for VBV/ MSC:
You will be prompted for online registration for VBV / MSC through a pop up screen. You would need to authenticate yourself with your Credit/Debit Card number, ATM PIN and Card expiry details. You can choose your password to be used for VBV / MSC. Thereafter, you can continue shopping on the merchant website. If you decide not to register immediately you can cancel the pop up screen.

b. Issuing bank is registered for VBV/MSC and customer has registered his/her card for VBV/ MSC
Once your card is activated with the Verified by Visa / Master Secure service, your card number will be recognized whenever you make an online electronic payment. After you provide your credit card details online, you will be redirected to your issuer website and then required to specify your Verified by Visa / Master Secure authentication details. Your identity will be verified, and the transaction will be completed. Based on the authentication provided by your issuer, the transaction will be processed & you will get a confirmation.

c. Issuing bank is not registered for VBV/MSC:
When your issuing bank is not participating in VBV / MSC service, your card will not be accepted for an online payment.